Holiday cover for business owners is your ‘secret weapon’ – claim your 10% discount on the ‘test’!

Taking a well-earned break shouldn’t be curtailed by the fear that things simply won’t run smoothly whilst you’re away. Virtual Hand is here to lift the burden from your shoulders. Our virtual assistants will keep things ticking over, so that you can enjoy some ‘me’ time and detox from your digital life, without worrying about things in the office.

Out of OfficeStay In Control Of Your Inbox

Worried that your inbox is going to look like a stuffed turkey when you return? No problem: our VAs will respond to all email enquiries whilst you’re gone, organise and filter your mail, and generally manage all the conversations you want to keep on top of. We’ll chase outstanding invoices too, rigorously pursuing whatever needs to be set in order.

Hands-Free Diary Management

When you return to work, you want to hit the ground running. By managing your diary whilst you’re away, our trained VA’s ensure that you can pick up where you left off, without wasting time booking meetings and appointments. Simply let us know your availability, and we’ll take care of the rest.

A Steady Hand on the Wheel

Beyond keeping your contacts in shipshape, Virtual Hand can ensure your day-to-day operations run smoothly, with sensible project management that offers as much or as little support as you need.

We’ll liaise with your colleagues to check that deadlines are being met, meetings are going ahead as planned, and anything else that needs updating on your behalf. And if you’re worried about being inactive on social media, we can keep your marketing strategy on track too.value of a VA

There are so many benefits to using Virtual Hand on your holiday that we couldn’t possibly list them all here. Since we’re totally flexible to your requirements, we strive to become a trusted babysitter of your business when that holiday, business trip or training course comes around.

Try before you buy – at a discount!

If you want to try us first – a few tasks, cover whilst you are absent from the office; short term cover whilst still contactable – getting it right just like you want it, so that when you do leave the country or want to be totally un-contactable – it will be smooth and seamless!

To claim your 10% discount on your ‘test’ quote HOLIDAY PRACTICE when you contact us and we will deduct 10% off your invoice for that time.

We have written many blogs about this fabulous ‘secret weapon’ for your business – check them out here.

Get in touch to discover how Virtual Hand can make those getaway plans come true. Contact us to arrange a free 20-minute consultation today.


 “We couldn’t possibly have gone away for a month if we hadn’t known that Michelle was looking after things for us back home. We felt confident to leave the business with her checking our emails as we knew anything urgent would be sorted and everything else filed for our return.

Sarah and Bob Brown, Inspire2Aspire