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How to Hire a Virtual Assistant

Using a Virtual Assistant to Leverage Time and Freedom in Your Business.

Are you looking at working with a VA but have lots of questions? My book will give you the answers. Find out how you can run your business and do what you love - being confident that in the background someone (or a team) are working hard towards your business success.

Raise your profile and earn more

Learn how to raise your freelance profile and start earning more today with this free guide

Looking to raise your profile and earn more? Here are 7 tips to help you do just that - not just for trainers!

Time-saving tips

Download our tip list to start gaining back some valuable time

Who couldn't do without some time-saving tips? Help yourself to our great check-list full of quick and simple time-saving tips; just put one into practice and see the difference.

5 Minute Daily Challenge

Receive an email for 21 days with a 5 minute job - do it once, do it more than once - you decide!

Just 5 minutes focus every day starts to make a difference - try this challenge and see which ones you continue to do. Good disciplines reap rewards. From clearing your junk folder to getting the follow up right..

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One is about my Holiday Cover service where I will open a window to a special holiday - be it for couples, families, adventurers or sun worshipers - together with how we at Virtual Hand can 'babysit' your business whilst you recharge your batteries, be completely un-contactable if you want and even take some time to strategise and plan for your business success.

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