IT Training and Support


Does your business take advantage of IT, or shy away from the latest technology? IT Training is an essential investment for any organisation, giving your team the skills it needs to work smarter, not harder.


Virtual Hand can ensure that you’re getting the most out of the tools that drive your business forward, with flexible training programmes that will make every member of your team more IT savvy.


Get with the programme


Technology evolves at a rapid pace, so don’t just assume that every member of your team knows what they are doing. IT Training will ensure that you and your staff understand key software and programmes, to boost the productivity of your workforce and ensure the smooth-running of your business.


Training can be invaluable when you take on new staff, or when key team members leave your company. Whether you haven’t got the time to train that new employee or you feel your workforce needs a little help from the experts, IT training can bring their computer skills up to scratch.


IT training, tailored to your needs


Virtual Hand can provide on-site training for some or all of your team. From computer skills that focus on administrative roles, to bespoke training for IT software, we’ll ensure that key members of staff become more efficient and more adept.


Our one-to-one computer skills training and group workshops can be arranged on an ad-hoc or regular basis. We work closely alongside our partner, Lightning Training, a leading training provider in the field with a team that covers the whole of the UK.


Invest in short-term support for long-term gain with Virtual Hand. Get in touch to arrange your FREE consultation, to discover how you can earn more by doing less.


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