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Michelle Poole

Virtual Hand is the VA for trainers and coaches – who want to JUST train and coach.

Michelle is the owner of Virtual Hand and has over 30 years experience in the world of office administration and over 15 years experience at Senior and Board level, gained in a variety of industries; Finance, Textiles, Charity, Advertising, Marketing and Distribution.

She is a fully qualified trainer in Microsoft packages (Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint and Outlook) having delivered to corporate clients as well as within the community for local government.

Having also gained qualifications in coaching she appreciates the ‘world’ of trainers and coaches and to this end loves to support others who train and coach.

Trainers and coaches love to train and coach – working with Virtual Hand you can do just that. Together you will develop a system for what you want to happen between setting a date, venue and course and the delivery of the course/workshop. Once the initial booking is made hand it over to Virtual Hand and you can turn up to deliver; confident and sure that all the necessary arrangements will have been made, confirmed, checked and double checked so that the event goes smoothly.  You can then concentrate on getting more ‘gigs’ knowing that it will be handled to the highest standard with attention to detail – at all times.

My clients just Stand and Deliver – is that what you’d like to do? and more often?


Virtual Hand have a team of VAs with skills and experience to support businesses to achieve their goals quicker. Matching clients with VAs is essential to an effective working relationship with control and assistance kept with Michelle so you are guaranteed a high level of productivity, service and accuracy.

We present a can-do attitude to projects as well as the belief that “if a job is worth doing it is worth doing well”.


Please call (07789 174792) or email ( or even complete the contact form to arrange your FREE one hour consultation to see how we can increase your earnings by doing less.