Are you busy?  Busy doing what?

As Business Support Experts we can ensure you are busy doing what you do best!

Take a look at what you are spending your time doing – is it meeting with new clients, supporting your clients and developing new services to grow your business?

We will give you the time to do what you should be doing and what you set up your business to do: get clients, earn money, live the life you choose.

Getting help is the only way to grow your business and using a VA (such as the team at Virtual Hand) will enable you to do just that.

We are there to support your business goals and help you to achieve them quicker and better than if you were on your own:

  • Let us take the worry out of getting your social media presence regular and consistent
  • Let us chase your invoices so you can get on with your work
  • Let us support your business and ensure your clients are looked after and know you value them
  • Let us communicate with your target market regularly, in your voice and with your words

Work with us when you need us, on a special campaign or on a regular basis to help you grow your business.

Virtual PA Support

Marketing Support

IT Training

Please Book (below), or call the number above or 07789 174792, or email (, or even complete the contact form to arrange your FREE one hour strategy session to see how we can increase your earnings by doing less.

Meet the Team

Virtual Hand have a team of VAs and professionals with skills and experience to support businesses to achieve their goals quicker. Matching clients with VAs is essential to an effective working relationship, with overall guidance and support from Michelle so you are guaranteed a high level of productivity, service and accuracy. Click here to meet the Virtual Hand Team.

We present a can-do attitude to projects as well as the belief that “if a job is worth doing it is worth doing well”.


 “Michelle is a godsend in the life of any busy trainer! Having a training background herself means that she has an intuitive understanding of what is needed both in terms of presentations and look of handouts but also in terms of project management and achieves a really quick and accurate turn around of work”.

Jane Wintringham, Develop4Choice